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About NewNess Productions. . .

critic,cinematographer, writer, director, FILM MAKER

NewNess Productions was founded by Director Eric McCarthy. 
     Eric has been an avid film critic for over a decade.
Growing up, Eric found an escape in the cinematic world that allowed him to become involved in many different lives and tales without an end in sight. 
       As a young man Eric would get lost in his imagination wondering how the director could've shot a scene better. Which song would've fit better given the sequences, sound effects, toning down dramatics, etc.and this allowed him to take the next step in creating a solid story to tell audiences, writing. 
       Eric McCarthy has now made it his mission to deliver not only quality films, but emotionally impactful films that will reach out to the viewers and grab ahold by their nerve endings.
Most recently he just finished writing the screen play for Conditional Love and will be wrapping post production late in 2018. The film will be released early 2019. 

"There are MOVIES and then there are FILMS. Movies make the viewer feel excited, and good about the story. 


FILMS cause the viewer to become emotionally involved with each character. The audience becomes wrapped up so much into the ongoing story that nothing else matters for the moment but what is transpiring on screen with these characters and their lives. In that moment, the story becomes alive and society's narcissism takes a back seat for a moment as the films direction evolves into the only concentration for audiences. 

      Our goal is to ensure viewers take the film home with them in their thoughts. That the story resinates to the point where a viewer will hug a loved one for no reason other than for a moment, that film touched them to a point where they had cognitive and physical reaction even days later. 

An emotional connection with viewers becomes a seal of approval for an astounding             film. A film you feel. I want to make you FEEL THE FILM. 



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