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Boy oh Boy what a few years...

Catching up. This is my entry for today. A lot has happened since we've begun and stopped filming Conditional Love. Mostly natural disasters that kept the project from moving anywhere and without a big production to back it, the film I'm in love with. My first screen play is on hold indefinitely. From wildfires to Covid, this film and the scenery I'm aiming to capture didn't stand a chance. So what do we do? We pivot. Film making has been a passion of mine since I was a child. Storytelling and becoming lost in another universe for just a moment. Our world can be the most beautiful object we can ever witness just as much as it can be a disgusting cruel place. What it comes down to is our perspective. So about pivoting, what have we decided to do? Write another screenplay of course. One where the majority of variables are within our control. We are approaching this film with pure eagerness and hunger to knock this cinematic tale out of the park. No Fear (working title) about 5 high school friends in 1999 that bite off more than they can handle in this small town thriller.

This film is written by my children and I while sheltering in place. Every actor and actress is excited to deliver this to the public and I have to say I match their enthusiasm. While I will be keeping up with my blog more often I will not flood.

To film making and those who enjoy it!

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