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McCarthy has always been an avid writer. From the young age of 5, new to the world of reading and writing would compose imaginative adventures for his first fan, his mother who always fed his hobbies. 

Continuing his passion for story telling, McCarthy has since become a photographer and screen writer, with an film soon to hit the independent film circuit. 

While writing and directing his movie and through his photography he was brought back to his roots with the written word. Channeling and encouraging his own children’s imaginations has lead him to this fantastical world of ancient myths and legends, while tapping into a plethora of exciting and original ideas.

Along with a sneak peak into Chapter 1 of SCARS, Part 2.

Joy had a seemingly perfect life. Perfect family life, one to be envied even by the most wholesome of households. Until one night, on holiday vacation, it wasn’t so perfect anymore. One night changed Joy’s normal perfect life into something sub-normal...paranormal. Waking up with black markings etched into her pale skin, deliriously thrown into the deep end of an utterly divergent world of ancient rituals and myths. A reality that may be more true than the world she knew before, more tangible and leaving her more vulnerable to a pain she never knew existed. As with all dark there is a light, but it is obtained not given freely. Fate is calling a very scarred Joy, will she have the strength and find the light or succumb to an all-encompassing dark?


Currently SCARS Part 2 is finished and is in Post Production while time is also spent wrapping up other projects.


SCARS will be released later this Summer

Synopsis soon to follow

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